Training Programme for the Boulder Bay Classic

The crew at Team CP have teamed up with us to ensure that you have enjoyable day at the Boulder Bay Classic. Depending on your back ground and experience they have a number of ways that they can help you out to ensure that you are all set and ready to go come race day.

1. They have put together a training programme for you to follow.  You can download this from the link above.
2. They have weekly running and cross training group sessions that will help you to get fit and strong. Follow this link for the timetable
3. If you are going to enter the Boulder bay classic and keen to try a group session out flick an email to Richard and he will set you up with a 2 week complimentary membership. (
4. If you would like a little more help with your training they can individualize your training programme by sitting down with you to ensure that it fits with your life, time available, goals and current fitness level. Flick Richard an email if you would like a bit of extra support.
5. Finally if you have any questions about how to prepare, equipment, nutrition, recovery etc etc don’t hesitate to send Richard at Team CP an email or a message on 021 051 0071.
Richard and the Team CP Coaching crew are looking forward to helping you prepare and cheering you on come race day.