These are the photos from the 2015 Boulder Bay Classic.

Have a look through the photos and see if there are any that you would like. There are 15 pages of them and they may not be in chronological order. Click on a photo to see a bigger size.

If you would like a much better quality photo (these ones have been scaled down to 15% of the original) without the watermark then:
1) please use the contact us page to let us know the photos that you would like. You can find the photo title by hovering your mouse pointer over the photo. Please quote the exact photo title eg. “17” or “Boulder Bay Classic – 154 of 254”.
2) we ask for a $5 donation to the Sumner Running Club for each photo. Please deposit the donation in to this bank account: Sumner Running Club, 03 1590 0003619 00, Particulars “your email” (as much as you can fit in), Code “your name”, Reference “BBC photo”.
3) once we have received your donation we will send you out the photo(s) via email.

Thank you.